About CNLE

About Carlswald North Lifestyle Estate

Carlswald North Lifestyle Estate (CNLE), was one of the first in a now sizable list of developments by Century Property Developments. It encompasses a secure and spacious residential environment where residents can enjoy a tranquil lifestyle.

CNLE is a homeowners association (HOA) founded in 2004, and enjoys the status of being one of the safest estates in Midrand, where residents experience luxurious living within a secure environment. The Estate’s established green spaces, with shady indigenous trees throughout, creates a peaceful atmosphere where residents can slow down, relax and enjoy the best that nature can offer in a built-up environment.

The Estate is made up of 462 free-standing homes as well as the Carlswald Lofts, a separate sectional title complex managed independently. Many residents have been at the Estate since inception and have no intention of ever leaving.


Security is always a primary focus area for both existing and potential residents alike. Everyone wants to know that their families and homes are protected and kept safe, whether they are there or not. The Estate was founded on the fundamental principle of always keeping our residents safe.

Security Management

We have a full-time Security Managers both day and night, tasked with overseeing all aspects of the guarding services. They ensure that protocols are strictly adhered to and that the correct course of action is taken should an incident arise. They are also responsible for maintaining the excellent level of service provided by the Estate’s security team. The security systems and procedures are constantly being refined and reviewed to ensure that CNLE remains a safe haven for its residents.

Gate Entrance

The Estate entrance is manned by a team of security access controllers. This team is the first point of contact for all residents and visitors. Strict access-control policies are in place for all visitors to the Estate, which includes the use of resident-authorised access codes and vehicle and driver scanning procedures. Entrance gates that may be closed and locked, if necessary, are an added security feature.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is achieved via the CCTV camera surveillance system, with cameras capturing visual details of everyone coming into and out of the Estate. There are cameras outside the gates monitoring the surrounding areas. There is also a full CCTV infrastructure deployed within the Estate to enable monitoring of every area.

Biometric Access Control

The Estate makes use of state-of-the-art facial recognition and fingerprint access technology for residents. Visitors to the Estate are effectively managed with the option of pre-cleared codes that help the traffic flow at the visitor entrance.

The Perimeter

CNLE is enclosed by an eight-kilometre-long, high brick wall. It is topped by an electric fence divided into multiple zones and monitored around the clock. The perimeter is further enhanced with video surveillance.

Community Social Initiative (CSI) and Events

The CSI committee exists to improve the quality of life and encourage community relations within CNLE. The CSI was started in October 2020 and held its first Market Day in November 2020. Since then, events have been well supported and the CSI now hosts Seniors Days, Fundraisers, Blood Drives, a Picnic in the Park as well as two Market Days per year. Ideas for new events are welcomed and we look forward to welcoming new residents to join in the fun activities.

We have a very active Seniors Club meeting every second Wednesday of the month. Events have included Zumba dancing, self-defence classes, luncheons, flower arranging, visits to a herb farm and many more.


List of Trees growing in The Estate

Common Name Bontanical Name

  1. Buffalo Thorn, Ziziphus Mucronata
  2. Cape Chestnut,  Calodendrum Capense
  3. Coast Silver Oak, Brachylaena Discolor
  4. Common Coral Tree, ErythrinaLysistemon
  5. Common Wild Currant, Rhus Pyroides
  6. Common Wild Pear, Dombeya Rotundifolia
  7. Fever Tree Acacia, Xanthophloea
  8. Giant Pock Ironwood, Chionanthus Peglerae
  9. Karee, Rhus Lancea
  10. Karoo Sweet Thorn, Acacia Karoo
  11. Monkey Thorn, Acacia Galpinii
  12. Natal Mahogany, Trichilia Emetica
  13. Paperbark Thorn, Acacia Sieberiana
  14. Pompon Tree, Dais Cotonifolia
  15. River Bushwillow, Combrethum Erythrophullum
  16. Sausage Tree, Kigelia Africana
  17. Umbrella Thorn, Acacia Tortilis
  18. Water Berry, Syzygium Cordatum
  19. Weeping Boer, Scotia Brachypetala
  20. Weeping Wattle, Peltophorum Africanum
  21. White Caree, Rhus Pendulina
  22. White Pear, Apodytes Dimidiate
  23. White Stinkwood, Celtis Africana
  24. Wild Olive, Olea Africana
List by Pieter Oberholzer
List by Gavin van Winsen